Publishers Registration Guideline

1. Publishers of literary materials are required to register in the National Library's Publisher Register for quick and easy access to the National Library Legal Deposit and Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) services.


2. Publishers registered in the National Library’s Publisher Register will have easy access to the Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) service on the National Library website, which is provided by the National Library. Publishers can access the library catalog via email.


How the publishers can register on the National Library website

3. Publishers are required to complete the publisher's registration form on the National Library website in order to request the CIP application form. Once registered, it can be used as long as the publisher’s name does not change. If the publisher's name is changed, it must be re-registered. If there is a change in the information on the publisher registration form, please notify it to the National Library by e-mail or by phone.

4. Once publishers have completed the registration form, National Library's Cataloging Department will be approved it and send Username and Password to the publisher by email within 3 days.


5. When the publishers received the username and password, continue to login to the National Library website. Then click on Cataloging in Publication (CIP) application form and fill the information about the book. Once you have completed the application form, submit it.

6. The CIP application will be processed within 10 days and will be returned to the publisher by email.

Benefits of Publishers Registration on National Library website

7. For the publishers, it is no need to come to the library when the publishers applied the CIP forms. It can be easily processed from anywhere with the internet access.

8. The publisher's account, which can be logged in to the National Library website, contains a complete list of all the books published by their publishing and all the list of CIP forms.

Publisher Registration Form

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